Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fight right

I've read a lot about relationship and about fighting and I've always prided myself on my argument/discussion abilities. Well, pride comes before a fall, and I've realized, this week especially, that I'm a horrible fighter--probably one of the worst. 

In fact, I find that I want to be right more than I want to find a solution. This is not a good attitude and I know it needs to change.

"Before Your Next Fight, Read This,"the title says. And it's right, which means you probably need to read this right now. I wish I had. 

This is probably the thing I needed most to hear: When fighting, "I can say and do things to turn both of us into partners. All it takes is persistence in trying to understand [my S.O.'s] point of view so that [he] feels appreciated."

Find out what I'm talking about here. I'm sure this article made the rounds when it was first published, but it really needs to resurface. 

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